Public Rhetoric

Throughout our lives, we all have encountered some issues that either affected you and people around you. As an Asian American myself I would like to discuss the correlation between affirmative action and Asian American college applicants. Affirmative action was initially carried out to assist and benefit minorities because they had suffered throughout history. However, instead of receiving help, Asian American is being targeted for their hard working nature. This issue concerns me since I have personally witnessed a student from my high school getting rejected by elite school due to her race. When writing this essay I understood that college admission is pretty subjective. Therefore, I had to do research on cases that have happened in the past and to provide credible data in order to make myself sound logical and ethical. From doing peer reviews, I had the opportunity to learn about audiences’ opinions, which allowed me to improve them in my final draft. I was informed that one of my source was from a lesser known website, which could affect the essay’s credibility. But a thing that I managed to do well on was balancing both emotional and logical appeal. By having personal experiences and logical evidences prevent my writing from being unreasonably biased.