We have discussed about “discourse community” in the last and this quarter in depth. According to John Swales’ definition of a discourse community there are six criteria:

  1. Members share a common goal
  2. Talk in unique lexis
  3. Provide information and feedback
  4. Possess one or more genre
  5. Have their own way of communication
  6. Different level of members (experts and novices)

Korean drama has been a big part of my life ever since the Korean pop culture got popular. Instead of having me talk about Korean Drama, I decided to conduct an interview with Irene, a member of the discourse community, to present a different side of view on Korean drama. From the interview, we see how it had impacted Irene and what she wanted to do to improve the community. After the interview, I wrote a summary of the interview quoting Irene’s personal experience of what she had done for the community. I also provided an artifact analysis of the website that the members use to share and communicate their ideas. After receiving feedbacks, I was told that the introduction was not interesting enough to attract audiences’ attention. Therefore, I revised my draft to come up with a better solution.