Literacy Narrative

A literacy event is an incident that makes a person to reflect on the development of his / her writing. I experienced my own literacy event was I was a sophomore in high school. English was not my first language and it was completely different compared to my mother language, Mandarin. AP art history was a class I took in high school and it involved with a lot of reading and writing. After having to write an essay almost everyday, I have started to get accustomed to write in English comfortably. Even though I never thought of myself as a good writer until this particular literacy event. I received a full score on an essay I wrote for the class, which had never happened before, made me more confident about writing and myself. After all, I chose to write about this because it influenced me greatly. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and improved a lot on writing.

One of the most important things to do after composing a work is to reflect on it. I reflected on the process of coming up with an event to write about and how to describe this event in words. Initially, I did not quite understand what a literacy event is. I had a better understanding after looking up examples and thinking back to my high school times. I think reflection was helpful for revising a final draft.