Revised Final Draft: What is so great about Korean drama

A girl’s father, a manhwa artist, had been missing for days and she decided to visit his studio. When she arrived, the monitor on the table was left unattended, and displayed the last scene of the manhwa her dad was working on. A copy of the famous painting, “Goya’s Saturn Devouring His son,” next to the drawing tablet caught her attention. On the back it noted, “Rather than be devoured, I will devour.” All of the sudden the drawing tablet started to shake and flicker. A hand covered with blood came out of it and grabbed her. She was being transported to an unknown rooftop with a bloody man on the ground, the main character of the manhwa. She realized she was dragged into the world her dad had created. Korean dramas are mostly in a miniseries format with distinctive concepts and features, such as mysterious melodrama about a parallel universe between the reality and manhwa world, or a romantic love story of two people from different social background. Because of its variety of interesting drama concepts, Korean drama has brought attention to many people from everywhere in the world. Irene, a sophomore in college, is a big fan of Korean drama.. She has been a member of the Korean drama discourse community ever since the Hallyu became popular. Hallyu means the Korean cultural wave started around the early 2000s with the fast-growing popularity of Korean entertainment and culture. This community consists of people who watch Korean drama on a daily basis and have great interests in their culture. The main goal that Irene shares with every member in the community is to bring more people to watch Korean drama and spread the Korean Wave.


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