Literacy Narrative

Revised Final Draft: But is it Art?

When Ms. Melander finished grading all the essays I received a surprising result, my first full score. Though I was satisfied with my writing, from all the previous setbacks I did not expect a grade like this. She told me that she did not take points off of any grammar mistakes because it did not matter. All she cared about was how well we answer the prompt and the way we lay out our ideas with supportive evidences. My essay had met all the standards. I recalled my memory where I asked her if I was able to survive in this class. She never said anything like “you can’t do it”, but instead she challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. A literacy event is an occasion when you reflect on your literacy and writing. Getting a full score on the essay in an advanced class was a special and memorable literacy event to me. Additionally, I was more comfortable with writing and I had a better understanding of the higher order of concerns in writing. A good essay needs to be expressive enough in order to engage with the audiences. After this assignment, it reassured myself that I would succeed not only in this class, but also in. This class had taught me how to present and convey my thoughts and idea. But is it art? It depends on how you view it and interpret it.


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