Public Rhetoric

Revised Final Draft: Asian American and Affirmative Action

To college admissions, merits do not merely mean high test score and GPAs, but also many other factors like extra curricular that shapes a student to be well-rounded. Nevertheless, race and ethnicity should not be a factor taken into account. Hubert Zhao, Chinese American student with a weighted 5.3 GPA, is a victim of affirmative action. He filed a complaint against Columbia and Cornell Universities after being rejected for admission. AsAm News is a community of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander interested in reading, learning and commenting on news, events, people, and issues. They published an article discussing an issue of affirmative action, “Hubert Zhao is a National Merit Scholarship winner, was the president and captain of his high school’s Science Olympiad, Debate, and Science Bowl Team … out of Zhao’s class of 700 students, only he and an unnamed Indian American student were named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. Neither were accepted to any top 20 schools while others of other racial groups in their class were.” (Chan) AsAmNews is Well-rounded is a subjective word and there is no definite standard for it. Nevertheless, Zhao clearly participated in many extracurricular activities other than school works. Zhao’s case proves that a more qualified Asian American was denied from top colleges whereas other race with less achievement can somewhat easily being admitted.



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