Literacy Narrative

Reflection: But is it Art?

  1. From this writing assignment, I learned how to express my ideas through writing by creating an outline before I started the actual essay. Outline helps me see the connection and relationship between each ideas that I would like to further discuss in the essay.
  2. After reading some of the suggested readings given by the professor assisted me to find a topic that I would like to write about and gave me a better understanding of what a literacy event is.
  3. It is hard to compose a writing without enough ideas this is why brainstorming is very important. I write down my ideas and try to list out everything related to the topics and my ideas, like a wireframe. Usually I would draw down at least 2 ideas for each sub-topics to have a direction of what I am going to write about. This helps me to develop a better essay.
  4. The genre of the literacy narrative focuses on a first-hand narrative about our own personal experiences that have to do with reading and writing. When composing in this genre, we have to think back to our own experiences in order to come up with a story. I think audiences would want the author to be descriptive to show the experience to them vividly. To achieve this, I tried to detail every part of my writing so the audience could understand my feeling. I chose to write about this event because it had impacted my writing skill.
  5. I think the strongest part of my final draft is where I talked about how the essay I wrote helped me grow as a person and made me more comfortable with writing. The weariest part is where I tried to give an explanation of the background of the class and how I kind of went off topic.

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