Interview Transcript: What is so great about Korean drama?

INTERVIEWER: Hi, how are you today.

IRENE: I’m good. How about you?

INTERVIEWER: It was a long day. Anyway, let’s begin our interview. So do you identify yourself as a member of this discourse community that involves Asian drama lovers?

IRENE: Yes, I watch Asian drama almost every day.

INTERVIEWER: What types of drama do you usually watch?

IRENE: I watch Korean drama the most. I also watch Chinese and Japanese dramas.

INTERVIEWER: What genres are there and what do you like?

IRENE: I personally like romance and historical ones. It really depends on the plot of a drama.

INTERVIEWER: Do you also watch American shows?

IRENE: Yes, I do. I have watched shows like Friends, Sherlock, the Big Bang Theory, and etc.

INTERVIEWER: Interesting. But you still prefer Asian drama more?


INTERVIEWER: Is there anything special about Asian dramas that American shows don’t have?

IRENE: Asian dramas are usually G-rated compared to American shows. They are less violent and sexual. Some of the dramas’ topic are close to real life, which make me relate to it more.

INTERVIEWER: Would you say this is also because of your cultural background?

IRENE: I think that is one of the main reason why I love Asian drama. Because I am familiar with the cultural custom, food, and lifestyle, I enjoy the drama more. For examples, I often don’t get the jokes in American shows. But I laugh more with Asian humor.

INTERVIEWER: Do you get addicted to watching Asian drama?

IRENE: All the time. Especially they always end every episode with cliffhangers. I get anxious when I have to wait for the newest episodes to come out next week.

INTERVIEWER: The interview ends here. Thank you very much for spending your time with me.

IRENE: No problem. I had a great time too.


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